Vedran Koren

Google AdWords & Internet Marketing Specialist

Vedran is a Google AdWords and Google Analytics Specialist with multitude of experience, knowledge and passion that he has been investing in this business, in order to perform in the best way possible. Vedran is focusing on increasing the sales and return on the investment for his clients.

Who is Vedran?

A Marketing Specialist, who has been gaining his knowledge and experience since 2010, with over 200 projects across Australia, America and Europe. He specializes in Google AdWords Advertising and Analyzing Google Analytics data.

Why Vedran?

Because he has over 9 years of experience of actively managing campaigns for various types of clients. He has managed over 200 campaigns, which have had a monthly budget from $500 up to $75,000. He has Google AdWords to his fingertips and when he is not optimizing your AdWords campaigns, he is coming up with new strategies for existing and future clients.

If you need to optimize the existing Google AdWords Campaign, create a new Campaign or you want Vedran to start managing your AdWords Account, feel free to contact him. Vedran will review your AdWords Account, determine the performances and the potential of your campaign and give it a new shine!


Years in Google AdWords


Optimized accounts


Satisfied clients


Millions $ spending

Poreč, Croatia

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E-mail response time: 12 hours