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AdWords Campaign Checklist

Before you start your new Google AdWords campaign, you should certainly make a check, so you are not spending money on something that will not bring the desired result.

Google AdWords is an automated system that works in the way we have set it up. That is why it is very important to check all the aspects related to the keywords and ads, because very often an oversight can happen and can spend our money without achieving any result.

Here is a list of 8 things you should check before you start a new Google AdWords Campaign:

Network (Display/Search)

Search and Display are two completely different ways of advertising and it is very important that these campaigns are separate. Within the Search, we are addressing a user who is searching for something with a message of ‘we have what he is looking for’; while in the Display Campaigns, we are addressing a user and offering a product or a service.

Keyword Match Types

It is very important which Match Types we have selected for our keywords. There are no ideal match types, but we have to test which one suits us best for a particular keyword. You can find out more about match types in a separate article.

Budget & Bids

Make sure that you have set up the budget properly and that the prices per click are above of the lowest price that Google is asking for a particular keyword.

Ad Scheduling

It is very important to set the right time when your ads will be showing. In some occasions, showing them at all times can be a waste of resources.


It is necessary to check if we have chosen a good geographical area for our advertising.

Minimum 3 Ads per Ad Group (one for mobile)

Each Ad Group should have several different ads, so that we could test the messages we are sending to customers. A minimum of 3 ads is recommended + at least one which is aimed for mobile devices and tablets.

Ad Extensions

In addition to standard ads, Google AdWords is offering several additional extensions for the promotion of your products or services. It should be noted that the extensions are shown only if Google evaluates your campaign with a good grade or highly relevant to the search query..

Tracking setup & testing

If there is a possibility of measuring campaign’s performance, it is necessary to check if we have set up the tracking code properly and whether it has been tracking conversions correctly.

If you have set up these 8 settings correctly, there is a great probability that you will be satisfied with your Google AdWords campaign right from the start, and if that’s not the case you can contact me to Audit your Google AdWords Campaign and to determine why the current one isn’t satisfactory.