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Google AdWords Account Structure

The Google AdWords Account Structure is extremely important, because with high-quality Google AdWords Account Structure, you can significantly increase the return on investment in Google AdWords.

Your Google AdWords account should be structured in a way to help you create highly targeted advertising. Each account is divided into campaigns, and each campaign into groups. Each Campaign should be focusing on a specific range of products or services, and each Ad Group should be even more specific and focus on the subcategory theme of the main campaign.


Keywords are the foundation of every Google AdWords Campaign. You need to think about your keywords in the same way that you structure your campaigns and ad groups. Each Ad Group should contain closely related theme keywords. A small group of carefully targeted keywords is much better than a large group of untargeted keywords.

To help customers choose to visit your web page, and not your competitor's web page, writing the quality ads that will attract them is very important. If your ad is not well written and is not keeping their attention, then you’re probably missing out on a valuable sale, which your competition will carry into effect.





For achieving the best results, ads need to be directly connected to the keywords in the ad group. It guarantees you that the potential customer seeking your product or a service will see an ad that is closely linked to the concept of search, click on the ad and visit your web page.

The way Google AdWords Account is set up can be critical to the success or the failure of most of the companies that use Google AdWords.