Pay Per Click Management

Google AdWords Management

If you want results in your Google AdWords Campaign, no matter if it’s consuming 100 or 100,000 monetary units, you will have to manage the campaign on a daily basis. 

The most important aspect of Google AdWords Advertising is relevancy. Google is showing ads that are the most relevant to a user's search query on top of the page.  Therefore, if you want to stay on top as an advertiser, you will have to track search trends frequently, in order to see what your potential customers are searching for. If you are not up to date with the keywords a competition is searching for, they will beat you to it and your campaign will not be efficient as it could be! This is why it is very important to manage your Google AdWords Account in order to keep your AdWords Advertising fresh, competitive and up to date.

In order to ensure an Effective AdWords Campaign, I will focus on:

  • Increasing Conversion Rate
  • Increasing Quality Score
  • Decreasing Cost Per Click
  • Increasing Click Through Rate
  • Increasing Ad Position
  • Maximizing Return on Investment
  • Writing Effective Advertisements

My experience in efficiently managing Google AdWords Campaigns, especially in ultra-competitive industries, will contribute to the progress of your campaigns. In every campaign I manage, I am focusing on increasing the conversion rate and optimizing campaigns according to the latest techniques. My clients know what I am doing at any time, as well as how the campaign is progressing and in which direction you need to go toward improvements in the campaign.

Because of all of the above, when taking over a campaign or launching a new campaign, I stick to the following guidelines for setting up a high-quality campaign:

Understanding your business

The more I understand your business, the higher the chances are for success. At the beginning of a cooperation with new clients, the first step I’m working on is the current state analysis (whether it be the existing campaign analysis or a web page analysis), and only after, I'm starting to plan Your account structure.

Setup/optimization of Google AdWords Account

After the current state analysis, it is necessary to explore keywords, create your Ad Groups, write the ads (at least 3 Ads per Group) and set additional extensions for the ads. After that, your campaign is ready for launch!

Monthly Management

Once your campaign has launched, you need a watchful eye to track its progress. Depending on the size of the campaign and the market you are advertising on, it is necessary to manage the campaign at least a few times a week and if larger campaigns are in question, then it needs to be daily.

This is a long-term process that certainly must not be underestimated, because once a campaign has been set up, it should be optimized if we want to achieve good results.

If you want to start a new Google AdWords Campaign, or you want a quality optimization of the existing one, feel free to contact me. I will be happy to help you with that!